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  • Discover talented, dedicated and professionally-minded sports men and women.
  • Groom talented young sports men and women to pursue a professional career in sports.
  • Facilitate the participation of young athletes in competitions locally or internationally.
  • In the case of team sports, such as football, highlight and facilitate opportunities to help sports men and women secure contracts with clubs locally or internationally.

Organizing Tournaments

  • Organize grassroots based tournaments that showcase gifted and talented young sports men and women.
  • Organize tournaments that compliment, support and promote Federal and State Government programmes and appropriate international initiatives.
  • Organize tournaments that promote human capacity development and have broader societal objectives, such as helping to reduce poverty and inequalities.
Organizing Tournaments

Promote Corporate Image

  • Through our sporting events and publicity, enhance the visibility of corporate organizations and provide a platform for awareness raising and extensive marketing
  • Create opportunities for identification and penetration of local and foreign markets for corporate organizations and their brands.
  • Help improve sales and profits of sports goods manufacturing companies in particular and corporate organizations in general.
Promote Corporate Image

Sports Products Sales

  • Design and recommend sales strategy for sports products manufacturing companies, with the aim of enhancing sales and profits.
  • Link talented sports people to sports products manufacturing companies and create endorsement and advertising opportunities.
  • Identify sports products manufacturing companies as sponsors for tournaments organized by our company.
  • Facilitate amutually beneficial and transparent business relationships between young sports people and sport products manufacturing companies.
Sports Kit Sales

Representing Foreign Companies

  • Develop sound and transparent business relationships with foreign football clubs/academies.
  • Arrange Memoranda of Understanding with and represent FIFA Licensed Agents.
  • Represent and promote the interests of sports products manufacturing companies.
  • Provide advice about contractual matters and represent players and players’ managers.
Representing Foreign Companies

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